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Hunger Games Movie Review

The Hunger Games movie is based on the first book of the best-selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins. In Hunger Games, the first book of the series, the U.S. is a much different place. It is divided into twelve different districts. Each district provides a valuable resource to sustain the oppressive government. Katniss Everdeen, the heroine in the Hunger Games trilogy, is from District 12, which is one of the poorest areas. When her little sister is selected to participate in the Hunger Games, Katniss takes her place.

Each district must provide a young man and woman to participate in the games, which is a violent fight to the death. Twenty-four participants go into the Hunger Games, and only one child lives to be the victor. The other participants are slaughtered during the course of the game by one another, as well as the harsh living conditions in the arena. The game is televised to all districts, and is used as not only punishment for a rebellion that happened several decades earlier, but to also intimidate citizens from standing up against the government.

Katniss is a very independent young woman, supporting her small family after the death of her father and the subsequent depression of her mother. She is also very intelligent, and recognizes the oppression caused by the annual Hunger Games event and other actions of the government. To support her family, she would also hunt in a forbidden zone surrounding her district. During the Hunger Games, she makes alliances and does what is necessary to survive the competition, including using her hunting skills to kill other opponents and to destroy their supplies.

The boy from her district, Peeta, has a long-standing crush on Katniss, and does what he can to protect in the game. Unknown to Katniss, he is seriously injured trying to protect her life. When the game makers announce that two victors can be declared as long as they are from the same district, Katniss searches for and finds Peeta. She helps him to regain his strength, so that they can complete the game together.

To find out how the movie ends, you will need to either read the book or watch the movie. However, I can tell you that the actions of Katniss during the Hunger Games eventually leads to rebellion by the Districts against their government. The movie follows the plot line of the book very close. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the character of Katniss in the movie, does an excellent job of capturing the book character's personality. Any fan of the book series will probably be a fan of the Hunger Games Movie, although those who have not read the books may be a little lost regarding the plot line.

The hunger Games was a very popular book as the firrst in a trilogy, Catching fire and Mockingjay respectively followed.

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