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Watch free classic horror and science fiction flicks.

Horror Movies

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These free movies are available in the public domain.

That means that there is no copyright or ownership of these movies. This is just a small sampling of what's available

Hey, what does Public Domain Movies even mean?

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For less than the price of one night out at the movies, you can now watch that same movie, and thousands more, for far less.

Pay only once, download classic and restored horror movies as well as the newest, horror flicks.
Horror Movies
horror movie downloads
Download Hundreds of Horror movies right now for free
 These free movies are the original full-length motion picture releases that are available in the public domain. Anyone can watch or download these films. Most of these movies can be downloaded into PC's and then transferred to mobile devices like MP3 players, cell phones and PDA's.

  Horror movies ready to download
dvd download New Horror Movies Download horror movies that were made in the past year or so
dvd download Blood Tide This color film stars James Earl Jones who plays a treasure hunter who...
dvd download Little Shop of Horrors Classic movie a bout a nerdy flowershop clerk who grows a giant, man-eating plant
dvd download Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Silent adaptation of the classic about a Victorian scientist who turns himself into a...
dvd download Night of the Living Dead Strangers hold up in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse and battle constant attacks
dvd download Phantom of the Opera A mysterious phantom threatens a famous lyric singer, Carlotta and thus forces her to...
dvd download House on Haunted Hill Vincent Price gives a stellar performance as the suavely malevolent host
dvd download Lady Frankenstein Dr. Frankenstein is killed by a monster he created, his daughter and his lab assistant...
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